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Academy Awards:
Best Picture Winners

by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

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The Academy Awards®, affectionately known as the Oscars®, have been presented annually since 1927 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Best Picture is one of the original categories of the awards, although it was named Best Production until the 1932/33 awards:

Complete History - Year by Year - of the Academy Awards, with facts, trivia, records, and Best Picture posters.

50 Greatest Movies TV Guide
50 Greatest Movies (on TV and Video)
by TV Guide

TV Guide Magazine offered their picks for the perfect flicks to catch on television or pop into one's VCR (or DVD). From hundreds of the magazine's four-star titles, they chose the movies that play particularly well on the small screen and hold up to repeated viewings.
10 Greatest Films of All Time Polls
by Sight & Sound Magazine
Every ten years since 1952, Sight & Sound Magazine has published the results of their pollings of the world's leading film critics who were asked to "choose the ten films you feel are most important to film history, or the ten that represent the aesthetic pinnacles of achievement, or indeed the ten films that have had the biggest impact on your own view of cinema." Thus, the compiled critics' lists would then determine which films stood the test of time in the face of shifting critical opinion. Ultimately, a list of the critics' Top 100 films was determined based upon all of the votes. This listing includes the top ten films from the latest 2022 poll, and from each previous decade.
100 Greatest Movies of All Time
by Empire Magazine
Empire Magazine readers selected The 100 Greatest Movies published in 2017. Also included is a link to The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time published in two earlier pollings: a 1999 polling (in the October, 1999 issue) and an updated 2003 polling (in the March 2004 issue). See also Empire Magazine's polling of The 50 Best Films from their November 2001 publication.
Movieline Magazine
100 Best Movies Ever Made
by Movieline Magazine

Movieline Magazine selected the 100 Best Movies Ever Made (from silents to Spielberg) in their December 1995 issue - 100 of the all-time greatest English-language films.
Premiere Magazine
100 Most Daring Movies Ever Made
by Premiere Magazine
In its October 1998 newstand issue, Premiere Magazine presented "Rebel Cinema" or 100 Movies That Shook the World, celebrating the filmmakers (and their films) who dared to be ridiculous, offensive, or even unpopular, and who still came up with classic films.
100 Greatest Films of All Time
by FilmFour

UK's Channel 4 created a ranked list of the 100 Greatest Films of All Time - a wide range of some of the most innovative, popular and striking films across all major genres, with special consideration of their appeal and significance to a modern British audience. The list (in four parts) aimed to include films that are generally considered as classics of cinema, broke new ground in technique, subject matter or ideas, had phenomenal popular appeal and a lasting impact on popular culture and represent the greatest work of cinema's most respected directors and performers.
100 Favorite British Films of the 20th Century
by the British Film Institute

Early in 1999, the British Film Institute produced a selection booklet and sent copies to 1,000 people embracing all strands of the film, cinema and television industries throughout the UK - producers, directors, writers, actors, technicians, academics, exhibitors, distributors, executives and critics. Participants were asked to consider (and vote for up to 100) 'culturally British' feature films, released in cinemas during the 20th century, which they felt had made a strong and lasting impression. The final selection spanned seven decades, from 1935 to 1998, accommodated the work of 70 film directors and much international talent.
100 Greatest Movies of All Time
by Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time, a hardcover guide published in 1999, celebrated films that can't be forgotten, that "help us understand and define who we are." The final list was whittled down from a preliminary collection of 500 nominated choices, excluding short films, documentaries, or any movies from the previous five years. See Entertainment Weekly's 2013 updated 100 All-Time Greatest Films also.
100 Must-See Films of the 20th Century
by Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide 2000 contained the exclusive list of the author's 100 Must-See Films of the 20th Century - an excellent starting point for film viewing. As the leading film historian and critic Maltin admitted, "these are not the only great films of the century, or the only ones worth seeing."
National Film Registry Titles
by Library of Congress
In 1988, the Library of Congress established the National Film Preservation Board to preserve 25 films each year to add to the National Film Registry. The films that are selected must meet two criteria: they must be culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant and they must be at least ten years old.
Top 100 Films
by Video Detective

This list was first publicized in the Video Detective's pocket-sized guide published in 1997 and written by Jim Riffel, with a suggested list of both its top 1000 films and 100 films of all-time for its readers, to provide advice on renting videos.
100 Great Movie Moments-Scenes
by Roger Ebert
To honor the centennial of cinema, film critic Roger Ebert provided a list of his "100 Great Movie Moments" on his website, dated April 23, 1995. Filmsite.org notified Ebert of some corrections to the list, reposted the corrected list and also added illustrations for each of the "movie moments" (in five parts).
100 Years at the Movies
by Chuck Workman

A short film titled 100 Years at the Movies (1994), a Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Production, was compiled by film-maker Chuck Workman to celebrate "100 Years at the Movies" for the 1994 Academy Awards show. It was nine minutes long and included a montage of clips from at least 225 movies. Earlier, Workman had directed a film titled Precious Images (1986), with short clips from films of 50 years of cinematic history.
The 100 Best Movies of All Time
(Critics and Reader's Picks) by Mr. Showbiz

Mr. Showbiz's Critics' Picks and Readers' Picks were compiled on the Mr. Showbiz Web site (no longer accessible) by responses of visitors who were asked to vote for their Ten Best Movies of All Time. Their criteria were simple: the films chosen were limited to English language films made since the birth of the talkies.
100 Essential Films - The A List
by The National Society of Film Critics

In 2002, the A List compiled by editor Jay Carr, provided 100 insightful and provocative essays on what the National Society of Film Critics concluded were 100 Essential Films for viewing. According to the book's blurb, "the Society has made its selections based on a film's intrinsic merits, its role in the development of the motion-picture art, and its impact on culture and society."
100 Best Films of the 20th Century
by the Village Voice

At the conclusion of the 20th century, the reknowned Village Voice newspaper held its "First Annual Film Critics' Poll." They asked 50 or more distinguished film critics, including Molly Haskell, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Andrew Sarris and others, to vote in their film poll. One of the film poll categories asked the participants to rank their top ten best films of the century, and the results were the 100 Best Films of the 20th Century.
Top 100 Films
by Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database regularly asked its registered users to rank and rate films for their Top 250 Films survey. Here are the top 100 films from the results of their weighted, unscientific poll, recently updated.
Vintage Video - A Hot 100 Films the Past
by San Francisco Chronicle Film Critics
Two San Francisco Chronicle film reviewers and critics (Mick LaSalle and Edward Guthmann) compiled a list of recommended Vintage Videos (in alphabetical order) in an October 1997 issue of the paper. As they admitted, it's a more personal and idiosyncratic list: "It's not a list of the best 100 films ever made, or the most important. It doesn't represent a condensed history of the feature film, with all periods and movements represented." They figured that any film history book could tell you to see Griffith's Intolerance (1916) or Keaton's The General (1927), and chances are you've already seen Casablanca (1942), The Godfather (1972) and Raging Bull (1980).
The 100 Most Influential People
in the History of the Movies

by The Film 100

The authors of the Film 100 site (a website no longer accessible) and Film 100 book gathered and ranked a list of film's most important visionaries, collecting only the names of those whose work and techniques had been felt by millions of moviegoers. Following each entry were some selected or recommended films which helped to illustrate each person's influence and innovations.
All-Time 100 Best Movies
by Time Magazine

Time Magazine's movie critics, Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel, offered their picks for the All-Time 100 Best Movies in mid-2005. Their unranked list comprised the 100 most influential movies of the past 82 years (since 1923, Time's first year of publicaton). The films spanned comedy, horror, drama, romance, action and more.
Greatest American Films
by Los Angeles Daily News - Readers' Poll

When the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California announced its list of 400 films to be voted upon for their selection of the 100 greatest American films of all time, the Los Angeles Daily News conducted its own poll in late 1997. They asked their readership to choose their own top feature films of the century from the same list of 400 nominated candidates.
Top 100 Films (By Genre Category)
by Guinness Book of Film

The essential hard-cover movie guide published in 1999, The Guinness Book of Film, subtitled The Ultimate Guide to the Best Films Ever, reviewed the Top 1000 Movies of the 20th Century. Their ultimate selection of films was based upon a few criteria: sound films that were easily available in video format (with a few exceptions), and "the movies that have given the most pleasure to the most people." Their selections of a Top 5 for each genre were also provided, although highly out-dated.

See Filmsite's updated Top 100 Films By Genre Type.

Top 100 Spiritually-Significant Films
by Arts & Faith

Arts & Faith, an online discussion group comprised of film critics and other movie buffs, announced its list of the Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films ever made in mid-2004 (a list that was substantially updated/changed in late 2005).
Rolling Stone's 100 Maverick Movies
100 Maverick Movies of the Last 100 Years
by Rolling Stone Magazine

In its 1999 end of the year Millennium issue, Rolling Stone Magazine (and film critic Peter Travers) offered picks for the best (or essential) movies of the last 100 years that were made by mavericks who "busted rules to follow their obsessions...in the defiant spirit of rock & roll."
50 Best Films
by Empire Magazine

In their November 2001 magazine, Empire Magazine published the results of their 'The Ultimate Movie Poll', including 50 Best Films, 50 Best Actors, 50 Best Actresses, 50 Best Directors, and much more. With each winning entry in the article, the magazine included a brief description of the film and the must-see moment.
Movieline Magazine
100 Greatest Foreign Films
by Movieline Magazine

Movieline Magazine also selected the 100 Greatest Foreign Films in their July 1996 issue - 100 of the all-time greatest non English-language films.
50 Greatest Independent Films
by Empire Magazine

The decidedly pro-British film Empire Magazine in 2005 offered their picks for the bravest, most innovative, and most creative films - the "ultimate indie lineup" of 50 Greatest Independent Films - the best non-studio works ever made. [Note: In 2011, Empire Magazine also posted its selections for the 50 Greatest American Independent Movies.]
50 Greatest Films of All-Time
by Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair Magazine (September, 2005 issue) offered their picks for the "50 Greatest Films" of all-time (unranked and alphabetical), in a special tear-out section, "with the scoop on how and why" -- although the "how and why" was simply composed of the film title, production company/studio, date, director, writer(s), the starring cast, Oscar win(s) - if any, and a factual section about some aspect of the film's making.
Top Hundred Films:
Centenary Top 100 and Readers' Top 100

by Time Out
The Time Out Film Guide is a collection of capsule reviews written originally for the London magazine Time Out. The 1995 edition included Time Out's Centenary Top One Hundred to mark the Centenary of Cinema. Time Out's Readers' Top One Hundred was compiled in 1998 from readers who submitted their all-time Top Ten film lists.
101 Greatest Film Screenplays
by Writers Guild of America

The Writer's Guild of America (WGA) (2005) voted upon and decided 101 Greatest (Film) Screenplays of All-Time, to celebrate the greatest achievements in film writing in cinematic history.
101 Funniest Screenplays
by Writers Guild of America

The Writer's Guild of America (WGA) (2015) voted upon and decided 101 Funniest Screenplays of All-Time, and thus honored 86 years of outstanding comedy screenwriting.
100 Recommended Children's Movies
by the New York Times Essential Library
The New York Times Essential Library: A Critic's Guide to the Best Films Available on Video and DVD, selected 100 Children's Movies in their publication authored by Peter Nichols. It profiled one hundred top cinematic works available on DVD or video that are recommended for children (ages 8-12). See also the British Film Institute's Top 10 (and Top 50) Children's Films of All-Time, listed in mid-2005.

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